Luke Chapter 4

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Luke Chapter 4
Break out into small groups – ice breaker

  • Tell your name and what is the worst Christmas gift you’ve ever received? 
  • What is one thing that you learned last week that you didn’t know before?
  • Last week we talked about the ministry of John the Baptist what was the message that John the Baptist preached?  Repentance
  • And what does it mean to repent?  To have a change of mind, to go another way. 

Lesson Introduction –  This week, we’re ready for Luke Chapter 4 Jesus has been baptized and is ready to begin His public ministry. 

Read together Luke 4:1-13 

  • Luke says that as Jesus is getting ready to begin His ministry He has been filled with something, what is it?
  • Why would Jesus need to be full of the Holy Spirit?  (Read Philippians 2:5-8)Jesus was fully human just like us and He chose to limit the free use of His divine power.  He didn’t know everything (Read Mathew 24:36) so he needed the guidance of the Holy Spirit just like us.
  • Where is the first place that the Holy Spirit led Jesus?
  • Why do you think it was important for Jesus to be tempted?
  • What are the three ways that Luke says Jesus is tempted?
  • What does Jesus use to respond to the devil’s temptation?  Scripture
  • What are some ways that knowing what God’s word says has or can help us as we face temptation? 

Read together Luke 4:14-44

In verses 18-19 what are the 5 things that Jesus says that He was sent to do?

  • Preach Good news to the poor
  • Proclaim freedom for prisoners
  • Proclaim recovery of sight for the blind
  • To release the oppressed
  • To proclaim the year of the Lords favor

How are these good news for us today?

Which of these is Jesus doing In the two examples of Jesus driving out an evil spirit and Jesus healing Simon’s mother-in-law? 

7:45  – Gather back together for closing song and wrap up

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