Luke Chapter 7

Break out into small groups – ice breaker
Play the game of “Would you Rather…?”  (have each student answer the following questions)…be rich or famous?

  • …be rich or famous?
  • …watch t.v. or read a book?
  • …be told you have a booger hanging from your nose or told that your breath stinks?
  • …be 7’6” tall or 4’ 2”?
  • …be known as someone with great compassion or be known as someone with great faith?

Read together Luke 7:1-10

  • Why do you think the Roman officer said that he did not deserve to have Jesus come under his roof?
  • This story shows Jesus power over what?
  • What was it that surprised Jesus about this man?

Read Luke 7:11-17

  • Imagine the situation.  Why would death have been so unusually tragic here?
  • This story shows Jesus power over what?
  • What two reactions did the people have?

Read Luke 7:18-35; Isaiah 29:18 and Matthew 11:2, 3

  • What did John the Baptist expect Jesus to do?  (Read Luke 3:16 – 17 to show what kind of power John believed Jesus to have)
  • What do we discover about the kingdom of God from these verses?

Read Luke 7:36-50

  • How does this incident build upon verses 29 and 30?
  • This story shows Jesus power over what?
  • Have you been forgiven much or little?  How do you show your love for Jesus?

In this chapter, Luke teaches us that Jesus cares about individuals.  Jesus is revealed as the King of the Kingdom but not just any kingdom.  This is a kingdom that not only recognizes, but values the poor, the forgotten and the needy and it accepts anyone who is willing to take the life that Jesus offers!

 Pray together

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