Luke Chapter 9

Break out into small groups – ice breaker

  • Introduce yourself and share about a unique or quirky habit or talent of yours?

Lesson Introduction – Last week we looked at Luke Chapter 8, does anyone remember anything we talked about last week?

Read together Luke 9:1-17

  • What did Jesus send out the 12 disciples to do? (vs 2)
  • How were the disciples able to do these things? (vs 1)
  • How did Jesus respond to the crowd? (vs 11)
  • How did the disciples respond to the crowd? (vs 12)

Read Luke 9:18-36

  • What question does Jesus ask Peter? (vs 18)
  • What significance does Peter’s response have? (vs 20; Peter was the first disciple to recognize Jesus was the Messiah)
  • What do you think it means for someone to “deny himself and take up his cross daily” (v. 23)?
  • Do you think this definition of discipleship applies only to the Twelve? Only to ministers, missionaries, and other professional religious workers? To all disciples? To you?

Read Luke 9:37-62

  • Who does Jesus say is the greatest in the Kingdom? (vs 48)
  • What applications does that or should that have for our lives? (we shouldn’t be seeking out prominence; God does not measure by human standards of achievement but instead measures by one’s relationship with God.)
  • Does Jesus’ commands in 57-62 seem contradictory to what we have been taught?
  • What do you think Jesus was trying to communicate in 57 – 62? (The call of God should receive priority over everything else)
  • Are there any areas in our lives that have more priority than God? If so, what are some practical things we can do to  make sure our priority is on the call of God?

 Pray together

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