Luke Chapter 8

Break out into small groups – ice breaker

  • Introduce yourself and share what is the most adventurous thing you have ever done or like to do?

Lesson Introduction – Last week we looked at Luke Chapter 7, does anyone remember anything we talked about last week?

Read together Luke 8:1-15

  • What are the four types of soil that Christ talks about in this parable?
  • What do the four different types of soil mean?
  • Can you identify with one of the types of soil? In what way?
  • What soil do you think God desires for us to be?  
  • What are some ways to become that “soil” that God desires?

Read Luke 8:16-25

  • Do you ever hide your light as Christ talks about in verse 16? (Act one way at church but different at school)
  • How did you find the reaction of the disciples in verses 22-25?
  • Do we ever act like the disciples did in this story?

Read Luke 8:26-39

  • In the previous section we saw Jesus’ power over nature, how do we see Christ’s power revealed in this section?

Read Luke 8:40-56

  • What healed the woman who had constant bleeding? (vs 48)
  • What did Jesus tell Jairus that he needed so his daughter would be healed? (vs 50)
  • What does faith mean?
  • Were the demon possessed man, Jairus, and the woman with constant bleeding extraordinary people? Can we have that same kind of faith?

 Pray together

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