Beautiful morning

The first snow of the year and the sparkling trees with it glowing so white making it a wonderful new day with God painting that picture.

With the arrival of the new shipment of bibles 160 headed out this morning with Working men of Christ. A wonderful program helping young men coming out of the system and getting the help they need to get a fresh start on life with Jesus by their side.

Another case to a family that have been long time friends that will strengthen not only their family, but also helping others.

A call from our Wilson North Carolina group that has a church service on the baseball field on Sundays needing more bibles for another group as God`s message spread. This will be in addition to the pallet they had just received.

A cases of bibles mailed to Oklahoma from a tent revival connection made several months ago.

Several cases headed to a baseball team that has started a bible study with the players in Kansas City this week.

Yes, it is a beautiful day and I thank God he has made it all the more special.

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