A Mother’s Letter

I want to share one mother’s letter to Connie. The names are omitted.

For three years I have done everything in my power to get him to make good decisions. Nothing has worked. His freshman year he went from starting on the varsity football team to one bad decision after another. He lost interest in everything.

Three weeks ago I prayed to God not to let ME find a way to help but for him to. I pray always but I always have questioned my own prayers, am I doing it right, am I sincere, but this time there was none of that. I simply told God he’s your child, too. I’ll step back, just mold him.

Ten days later, he was arrested. I could have said yes judge he can come home but I felt I was being led to say not yet so over Easter he stayed. The following Monday I was certain he would come home but his attorney thought it would help if he remembered this experience by staying longer. He was court appointed and I had no option. I was angry. Five days, over Easter, I felt was enough. But I remembered my prayer and the calm that came over me was overwhelming. I knew there was a plan in place, just not mine.

Tuesday I went to see my son, expecting I’m not sure what. I encountered someone I had never met. He carried a Bible and told me the story of your son. He cried, not for himself, but for you, for us, for not listening to God.

If my son had not been there he would never have met your husband, never heard the story, never had the time to reflect upon the ignored signs God had been providing all along. This is by far not the end of the story of my son. It’s the beginning. Just as your son’s ending was a beginning as well. I thank you for the bravery it took to do this. I thank God he put this in front of my child. He has said he would like to volunteer with the Nathan Project soon. I would as well.