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December 23, update

The Nathan Project ordered another 8,000 bibles. 49,000 bibles have been handed out with 3,000 on hand.

The journey continues with many lives being changed by having the Word of God available to them. Not only more to prisons, FCA groups, church`s, street ministries, individuals, but also Africa.

Thank you for the continued support and not only do we feel blessed, but the thousands of others that are finding HOPE.

Merry Christmas to all as we celebrate the birth of Jesus.

” why live for anyone other than Jesus? “

Beautiful morning

The first snow of the year and the sparkling trees with it glowing so white making it a wonderful new day with God painting that picture.

With the arrival of the new shipment of bibles 160 headed out this morning with Working men of Christ. A wonderful program helping young men coming out of the system and getting the help they need to get a fresh start on life with Jesus by their side.

Another case to a family that have been long time friends that will strengthen not only their family, but also helping others.

A call from our Wilson North Carolina group that has a church service on the baseball field on Sundays needing more bibles for another group as God`s message spread. This will be in addition to the pallet they had just received.

A cases of bibles mailed to Oklahoma from a tent revival connection made several months ago.

Several cases headed to a baseball team that has started a bible study with the players in Kansas City this week.

Yes, it is a beautiful day and I thank God he has made it all the more special.